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She was born on September 12, 1969, in Ankara. She graduated from primary school, secondary school and girl's art high school in Ankara. Firstly, she received education at Faculty of Economics in Anadolu University, and then she received education at Faculty of Languages, History and Geography in Ankara University. She carried out some projects about Polish at Warsaw University, she translated too many Polish stories into Turkish. And then, she got pedagogical formation education at Gazi University Teachers College.

She worked as cloth designer, styler, teacher and portrait photographer. She has worked at NGOs as a volunteer.

Cooking has been her favorite occupation since her childhood. She has managed researches about foods and food culture in various regions of Turkey since 1995.

Her cookbook series named as Mütevazi Lezzetler (Humble Enjoyments), which are also approved by Ministry of Culture, were published by Park Foto Kultur Yayinlari (Park Foto Culture Press). Being sold online, these have been the most popular cookbooks among Turkish people all around the world, from Australia to US.

Her Published Books:


Mutevazi Lezzetler® Turkish Cuisine and World Cuisine

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Treats

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Cookies

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Soups

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Pilafs

Her Coming Books:


Mutevazi Lezzetler® Meatballs (coming soon)

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Desserts with Syrup (coming soon)

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Makaronis

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Black Skillet

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Chicken Dishes

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Gaziantep

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Meat Dishes

Mutevazi Lezzetler® For Men

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Buns

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Kebabs

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Pastries

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Vegetarian

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Desserts

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Eggplant Dishes

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Regional

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Fishes

Mutevazi Lezzetler® Milky Desserts

Her websites:


banu.atabay.org (This site)

mutevazi.lezzetler.com (Mutevazi Lezzetler® Turkish Cookbooks' site in Turkish Language)

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foto.lezzetler.com(Mutevazi Lezzetler® Cookbooks' Photo Galleries)

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